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Cirque Vida presents Ventanas

Cirque Vida is a contemporary circus company rooted in ensemble circus, acrobatics, and dance, it aims to tell meaningful human stories using the virtuosity of gravity-defying circus. Cirque Vida brings small cast shows to the Austin area, focusing on narrative stories that celebrate life in all its fascinating and intricate manifestations. Cirque Vida is currently preparing a unique and unprecedented circus show in Austin,TX. ‘Ventanas’ will premiere August 2023 for a 2 week run at the Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center in East Austin. With a small cast of 6 performers our talented artists will bring a piece of themselves to the stage. Under the direction of Mexican American founder Xochitl Sosa, Cirque Vida brings a unique and much-needed LatinX lens to this art form. With a commitment to more diversity in the circus arts, Cirque Vida hopes to aid in social discourse within...
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