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Clowning Around in Troy During Pandemic

Perhaps the perfect symbol for life during the “pause” is that of a clown. The image captures the pathos of the day, yet encourages an expectant laugh. Kind of like, this isn’t really happening.

Two area men, both based in Troy, who work as professional clowns certainly agree.

Sean Patrick Fagan, an independent actor and clown, who runs Theater/Circus Arts is, arguably, the face of clowning in the area. He is a regular participant in almost all of Troy’s street festivals and has been working with area students for the past couple of decades.

Fagan points out the obvious when he says, “We all need humor; especially in today’s world.” And in his opinion, “Clowns most capture the spirit of humanity.”

He points out that the best clowns are one step away from failure, but always end up accomplishing their goals. “Clowns accept their frailties and turn them into strengths. It is what the creative world is doing every day. Indeed, it’s what the entire world is doing every day.’

Aaron Marquise, the Executive Director of the Contemporary Circus and Immersive Center (CCIC) in Troy offers a similar answer. “A clown’s job is to make an audience laugh. He appears almost naïve and childlike. But no one looks at an innocent child and thinks dumb. That’s the same with a clown. Actually clowns are very intellectual…”

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