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Corregidora, Mexico is Ready for the 9th Community Encounter of Social Circus

In the Mexican community of Presa de Bravo, Corregidora municipality, the civil association Bravo por el Arte A.C. will carry out the ninth edition of “The Community Encounter of Social Circus, Narices Rojas SOS” on December 12, 19, and 22, 2021. The Encounter is the culmination of the organization’s annual work. It seeks to be a space for interaction between families and people who have had to migrate to the United States, highlights Paola Méndez Hernandez, cultural promoter, choreographer, and dancer for Bravo by El Arte A.C. She adds, “Our communities have a high rate of migration to the United States. In this meeting, the main protagonists are the community itself. We are an instrument that, through art, induces people to express what they feel in different ways.”

During the year, Bravo por el Arte A.C. offers social circus courses and workshops that use circus techniques as a pedagogical strategy for the development of children, adolescents, and parents. “Art is usually associated only with painting, sculpture, and the like, when in fact, art is something that moves a lot more,” says Méndez Hernandez. The Community Encounter is a staging “in which we use multimedia elements such as music, videos, lighting, and mainly circus tools,” she says.

The association has facilities for practicing circus techniques in a space of 300 square meters called “La Cúpula,” where more than 100 students attend workshops during the year. As well as having aerial exercise equipment, the space also hosts readings and school regularization workshops for the benefit of vulnerable children. However, owing both to the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic and a desire to bring cultural activities closer to the population, this year’s Encounter will be held in open spaces in Presa de Bravo. “This is the first time that it will not only be held at the Bravo por el Arte facilities, but it will also go out to the community,” says Méndez Hernandez.

Link to the Article in Spanish at El Queretano.

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