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Does Australian circus have a superpower? [ArtsHub]

‘Circus is an art form in which there is no end to the possibilities … and I think one of the key reasons for this is that circus – as we think of it in this community, as it’s programmed in mainstage festivals – still is very much perceived by audiences as new and exciting,’ said Antonella Casella, a founding member of Brisbane’s Rock’n’Roll Circus (now Circa), ex-street performer and long-term creative practitioner and sector advocate, who now lectures in Circus History at Melbourne’s National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA).

‘And so that means we as makers still have an enormous amount of room to explore and innovate,’ she explained.

The sense of innovation that’s present in contemporary circus also means that ‘the audience still come [to see a show] with far fewer preconceived notions of what a contemporary circus should be,’ Casella told the audience at last month’s NICA-hosted Australian Circus Summit. ... link to full length article at Arts Hub. 

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