Exploring the Talent Code--A Conversation with Professional Talent Trainers

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Exploring the Talent Code–A Conversation with Professional Talent Trainers

In this discussion between three major players from three distinct zones of the circus arts and sport world, they explore what the principles of mentoring talent are, how to identify and nurture talent and give examples of how they, through their work, have learned to accommodate and meet the individual artist and athlete where they are while also setting a standard of excellence in order to help them fulfill their potential.
Moderator Stacy Clark, CEO of CircusTalk, is a former gymnast and professional circus performer. Clark worked in marketing and commu...
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Stacy Clark

A former gymnast and professional circus performer, Stacy worked in marketing and communications before leaving it all behind to perform and teach circus around the world on stage, at festivals and on screen. Today Stacy is CEO of CircusTalk.com, the international career marketplace for circus and performing arts. She is also a freelance consultant specializing in casting, coaching, and creation. Until 2020, Stacy was the Director of Casting at Cirque du Soleil, leading a team of international talent scouts and advisors. Stacy teaches career and act development to the next generation of circus artists and is a yoga instructor and career coach.