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High Wire Bicycle Act Falls Off the Wire in Stuttgart

At the Christmas Circus in Stuttgart during a premiere on Wednesday evening, several artists fell to the ground in front of the audience. The seven acrobats of the Colombian Werner Guerrero Group had built a pyramid with cyclists on a rope seven meters high, an act for which they had just set the world record in November.

The “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” quoted the ringmaster Henk van der Meijden (aged 82) as saying, “I’ve seen their number with the bicycles a hundred times, and this has never happened.” He told the reporter that the two artists who fell were lucky as they are able to move and feel all of their limbs.

Four other artists were able to hold on to the rope during the accident and were not seriously injured. The performers were taken to the hospital and the performance was interrupted briefly to get them to safety. It is not clear why these experienced artists lost their balance. The actual premiere will take place on Thursday evening without the Werner Guerrero Group. 

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