In Center Ring - Episode 11: Paris "The Hip Hop Juggler"

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In Center Ring – Episode 11: Paris “The Hip Hop Juggler”

In Center Ring presents, the incomparable, Paris “The Hip Hop Juggler.” The mesmerizing Harlemite with his unique brand of showmanship. In this episode, Paris invites us on his remarkable journey from a rambunctious kid whose eagerness to perform led him to a circus program at his school which was facilitated by Big Apple Circus and how that association inevitably led him toward an unexpected passion for juggling. He shares his philosophy of “embracing the ugly…” discipline and mastery of his craft. He details what it means to proudly stand in and express the truth of his artistic persona, which is unapologetically steeped in the culture of Harlem and hip hop. He addresses what it means to be aware of most often being the only Black circus artist in many of ...
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Johnathan L. Iverson

Johnathan is the Chairman of the Board at Omnium: A Bold New Circus. An accomplished and celebrated showman of circus and stage, as well as, a much in demand motivational speaker. He contributes regularly to CircusTalk and is the creator & host of the YouTube series, In Center Ring.