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In Center Ring – Episode 23: Jessica Hentoff: The Balancing Act

In Center Ring Presents, the wondrous heroine, Jessica Hentoff, founder, executive and artistic director of Circus Harmony. In this episode Jessica dazzles with her backstory, from sociology student turned circus artist. She takes us on the journey that led her to create Circus Harmony, one of St. Louis, Missouri’s artistic havens for children of all ages and cultural backgrounds. She speaks candidly about her legendary father, the late Nat Hentoff and their topsy turvy relationship surrounding her venture into the circus world. She gushes with pride with regards to the transformative impact of the circus arts on the children Circus Harmony serves. She shares her thoughts on the state of our society and how very vital circus and the arts, in general, are in alleviating much of the distress of the pandemic and social unrest. Finally, she allows us to preview Circus Harmony Prese...
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Johnathan L. Iverson

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