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Innovative Circus in Berlin with Chamāleon Productions

In our continuing series called Meet the Presenter-Tag, we will explore the world of circus arts programming with different presenters and programmers from around the world, delving in to the particulars of their region, and learning more about their specialty and the industry standards that they help to develop. At the end of each featured interview with the presenter, we will ask them to recommend the another presenter or programmer to be featured.
The Chamāleon Theatre Berlin has been presenting new circus in Berlin since 1991. The location was first a cabaret style house that welcome artists after the fall of the Berlin wall. For 15 years, art director Anke Poltiz has brought international companies to the Berlin circus scene. She is the one who takes risks to offer the most ambitious programmation to the audience. In 2004, when she took the Artistic direction of The Chamāleon, Anke Politz was 30 years old and became one of the youngest directors worldwide. Since 2017, she has been organising artist residencies at Chamāleon. This project allows artists to have the time and space to develop a creative play that can be presented on stage. Anke is also collaborating with the Center of Moving Art in Berlin, that works...
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Nastasia Beausejour

Nastasia Beausejour has been a freelance journalist since 2014. She specializes in entertainment and cinema, and she writes for a Press Agency in France. With a Bachelor in Linguistics and communication, she gives workshop about fake news for Erasmus +. Passionate about art and circus, she has a performing background as a trapeze artist educated in Paris and Melbourne (Ecole de Nanterre and NICA, Melbourne). Nastasia has lived in Berlin for the past 4 years.