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Introducing Modern Vaudeville Press

The juggling community as a whole knows Thom Wall as “the Vaudeville Sensation.” But more and more people are discovering this Cirque du Soleil alum is also the catalyst of a publishing sensation called Modern Vaudeville Press (MVP.) The company is dedicated to scholarly books about the circus and variety arts. Wall is the founder of the company and works with a group of academics supporting this endeavor – perhaps evidence of his own academic background and belief in rigorous scholarship and peer review.

Though the company is young, MVP has already published thee successful books. Here is a brief review of each of them-

This is the third and most recent title published by MVP and the first to place its attention on a different variety art other than juggling.

Mario Diamond is a famous and a revered mime and physical comedian. If you’ve never heard of him well that’s one of the reasons MVP chose to publish this title. There are many photos and less text than you might expect. But anyone who has an interest in using their body in an expressive way will gleam much from this tome. And your preconceived notion of what a Mime is will be refined…

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