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Jonathan Lardillier’s Harmonic Throws– a New Juggling Notation

“In all the other languages all over the world juggling is a verb, it’s an action. In the French language it’s not an act and it’s not an action, it’s a word like music, and music is not an act– you play music but music exists in the air. In French, we have the word jonglage, and it has the same concept as music. Jonglage exists without action, so we don’t need to do something to see juggling… we act to share something which exists without us, like music. “ -Jonathan Lardillier
Since jugglers have juggled, they have taught. For centuries the art of throwing, catching, and throwing again was learned visually and verbally, one juggler teaching another by demonstrating a pattern or skill. Often the skill was passed through family members. For the time, this worked well; If you had never seen a juggler perform, it didn’t matter if they knew 10 patterns or 1000 patterns. They were  juggling, that was spectacular. Magical even. ...
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Liam Bradley

Liam Bradley is a juggler and acrobat from Chicago, IL. He's currently studying at Circadium School of Contemporary Circus. Liam plays with rhythm, space, and expectation to create unique juggling and manipulation performances. He is inspired by old school hip-hop, impressionist paintings, and over-priced food. His goal is to defy expectations and create entirely curious compositions.