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Juggling: The New Mindfulness Made for Quarantine

In our media-saturated world in which individuals must manage excessive demands on their time and attention, we praise the skill of “multi-tasking,” which is often metaphorically referred to as “juggling.” It’s an ironic conceit, considering people use the term for when individuals are almost overwhelmed, but actual jugglers are in complete control of their act. Thanks to Cirque du Soleil and the New Circus Movement, cultural perceptions of circus performers have shifted dramatically, and now, too, the modern juggler is at last receiving acknowledgment for their signature blend of athleticism and artistry. The awe a casual audience member feels while watching a talented performer throw and catch 3, 5, and upwards of 7 balls in precise patterns can be intimidating to those of us who struggle to hold on to care keys and a cup of coffee. We see the act almost as if it were magic. Thom Wall, with his new book, “Juggling: What It Is and How to Do It,” a new book by Modern Vaudeville Press, dispels that myth and invites us behind the curtain to see the steps any of us can take to learn to juggle, too. Not only is Thom Wall an expert juggler with over five years performing a solo act with Cirque du Soleil, he also holds teaching credentials from Cambridge University, and is a highly sought after instructor by circus schools around the world…

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