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CircusTalk Reviews The Edinburgh Fringe Festival–And Three Impractical Tips

Our editor Kim Campbell went to the UK this summer on a triple mission: 1. To have a vacation in Ireland and Scotland 2. For an official visit to European Juggling Convention (read about that here) and 3. As a newshound, to attend Edinburgh Fringe to cover the multitudes of circus shows (and to hone her basic ‘two shows and two reviews per day’ writing skills.) This whirlwind tour took three and a half weeks, which amounts to a lot of creative packing of luggage. Here is what she has to say about the adventures and her sage advice to fellow circus folk: 1. Pack light If there is a chance you will be on a cruise ship one day and in a tent the next, it is really important that you also pack up to five juggling clubs in your limited luggage space. ...
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