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Letní Letná–An International Festival of New Circus & Theatre–Czech It Out!

It would be impossible to ignore the setting of the Letní Letná festival and how it contributes to its charm. Prague, capital of the Czech republic, a city steeped in a rich culture of medieval architecture, sculpture, puppetry and the subject of many tourist books, and even more historic volumes. A place where following the myriad of cobblestone roads, atop a hill in the Park of Letna, overlooking the city’s 1000 chapels and spires, leads to a temporary village of circus tents. The Letní Letná contemporary circus festival is a gem amidst the treasures of Prague.
The festival, now in its 15th season, features four headliner companies, each with their own circus tent. There is also the gala tent, the children’s tent, the food, concert and beer tents, as well as the day camp for the kid’s tent and the open air stage for the various street theatre acts. Much like a circus troupe, the whole festival was in close proximity, but still maintaining the unique personality of each chapiteau as it contributed to the greater whole. The tent for Betes de foire, a two person show. Photo courtesy of David Konecny My goal was simple, to see as many shows as possible and get acquainted with the Czech contemporary circus culture. In my rese...
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Jesse Dryden

Jesse Dryden has the distinction of being the first Canadian graduate of Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, spent a decade as the Creative Director for Circus Smirkus, and is currently the clown instructor at the Ecole Nationale. He lives in Montreal with his wife, Alisan, and their tortoise, who chooses to remain anonymous.