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Meet the Graduate from ENC, Ron Oppenheimer

Meet  ENC (École Nationale de Cirque, Montréal) graduate Ron Oppenheimer!  As the youngest of four siblings growing up in California, Oppenheimer followed his siblings’ lead and trained in gymnastics and dance after school. Oppenheimer joined San Francisco Circus Center’s Youth Circus at age 10 and there he was introduced to Chinese acrobatics by Master Lu Yi. He then went on to audition for and attend ENC.

> He says, “If I had not come to ENC, I would be in the process of completing a degree in computer science from MIT. It’s hard to describe my love for circus in words. I love being able to flip around and use my body.” He specialized in Chinese pole and aerial rope at ENC, saying “Chinese pole feels like the perfect balance of an aerial and ground apparatus. There are infinite ways to move on it.” Oppenheimer says he will miss his instructors the most when he leaves ENC, “Looking back on the past three years, I am going to miss all of my incredible coaches. Although I’m staying in touch with them, I won’t get to see and train with them everyday.” His full act premiered along with his fellow graduates’ acts in the Epreuve Synthesis presentation Où vont les...

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Sierra Rhoades Nicholls

Sierra Rhoades Nicholls is the founder of CSAW (Connecting Circus Students Around the World) and is the former Community Coordinator for CircusTalk. Originally from Missoula, Montana, Sierra was a gymnast for 10 years before pursuing a professional circus career. Sierra currently attends Circadium School for Contemporary Circus where she specializes in handstands and partner acrobatics.