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A Message from the Founder of CircusTalk About Racial Inequality

Dear CircusTalk Community, These are challenging times for all of us. On many levels. The sudden trauma of the pandemic not only changed our priorities but also shifted our values and shed a beaming light on issues that we had been trying to avoid or ignore for a very long time. Those in the black community, we stand in solidarity with you. We feel compassion for the burden you carry right now. Your burden has become the symbol of our generation’s deep desire for an equitable society, where there is only one law, one love and that is the same for all human beings. I would like to believe that George Floyd did not die in vain. We protested and hashtagged before for #TrayvonMartin, #FreddieGrey, #AmadouDiallo and many more. With George Floyd’s death, we reached a plateau from where we cannot continue “business as usual” anymore. We need change. Real change. Change for the better. During my career, I have seen too many talented artists struggle and n...
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Andrea Honis

Andrea, Founder of CircusTalk, is a fifth-generation member of a European circus family. Prior to CircusTalk, she worked in advertising and in performing arts management, and among others she was Assistant Producer at Lincoln Center’s family series “Reel to Real” in New York City. Andrea holds a BA in Business Administration and an MFA in Performing Arts Management.