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Michiko Tanaka On Making Circus Happen in Japan with Setouchi Circus Factory

I started producing contemporary circus in 2004 in Sapporo when I was working for the Hokkaido Shimbun Press (in Japan, there is a section for events production in all big media companies) and we invited Baro d’Evel, Cahin Caha, Association W (Jean-Baptiste André) and Feria Musica for four years in a row, and got almost 20,000 audience members with paid tickets. I think it was the first case in Japan that contemporary circus shows were presented by the same organizer for several years. I was the coordinator and one of the ones responsible for those projects.
100nen Circus After that, as the journal decided to suspend this project, I quit my job to be an independent producer in circus and went to France to write the first survey book on the contemporary circus in Japan in 2007. The book...
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Michiko Tanaka

Michiko Tanaka is the founder and director of Setouchi Circus Factory. Being passionate by contemporary circus since 2004, she moved to the Setouchi region to start her projects to give birth to and nurture a new circus culture. She is also the author of "Circus ni Aitai", the first survey book on contemporary circus in Japan.