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Molding the Next Generation of Circus Directors at Circomedia

In Autumn 2019, Circomedia‘s Graduate Class of 2019 will be graduating with a masters degree in Directing Circus. The six MA students (Rachel Baird, Katja Kortström, Natalie Verhaegen, Jules Cooke, Kristian Kristof, and Janos Foldi) hail from the UK, Finland and Hungary, all with an eclectic background in circus as well as other art forms and interests.
Most things about this degree are new. According to Circomedia’s website, this is “the world’s only MA in Directing Circus,” they are only the second class to graduate this programme, and they’re all leaving with new works they have explored in school and will most likely continue to explore outside of it. The foundations of this programme, one could argue, aren’t new at all. Led by Dr. Bim Mason, Artistic and Education Director, the programme takes place at Circomedia – the UK’s most veteran institution offering Circus Studies (founded in 1986 as “Fool Time” before being renamed “Circomedia” in 1994). For over 30 years the school has offered classes and degrees in various aspects of physical theatre and circus arts, and this new MA programme takes a school a step deeper into the academic world. The course is split i...
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Stav Meishar

Stav Meishar was born and raised in Israel and leads a double life all around the world, mostly in New York City. During the day she runs Dreamcoat Experience, an award-winning nonprofit organization for arts-driven, experiential Jewish education. At night she is a writer and stage artist specializing in circus and theater. Sometimes, when she's lucky, she gets to be both at the same time – like with her most recent project, a solo performance based on the true story of a Jewish acrobat woman who survived the Holocaust by hiding and working at a German circus. Stav is committed to pursuing the gestalt of circus, history and education, but is incapable of committing to a single hair color.