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New Cirque du Soleil Show Volta Cycles Across the Generation Gap

Volta may not be a complete reinvention of the Cirque du Soleil, but it’s definitely not the same old Cirque.

Jean-François Bouchard, head of the creative department at the phenomenally popular Montreal-based circus arts company, hand-picked two Cirque staffers who were a bit younger than the usual creative directors and asked them to spice up the troupe’s approach.

“Our creative guide Jean-François Bouchard asked us to take him somewhere else in terms of esthetics and storytelling,” said Bastien Alexandre, 40, the writer and director of Volta.

“He gave us wide freedom to explore what might be meaningful to us or what might be meaningful today. We just dove inside our experiences as human beings and came up with the theme of finding your own genius, and being able to discover that and exploit that and not be afraid of who you are…”

Link to Full Article at  Montreal Gazette.