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From the charismatic cohort that sold-out performances in Circonoclasm last year, National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) presents its third-year student ensemble show ONEIRIC at the NICA National Circus Centre this June.

Three years in the making, this group have mastered their artistic individuality, yet unify to become one dynamic and synergistic whole. Witness the depth of their chemistry, and on-stage electricity in their graduate ensemble.

In this show, circus, sound, and contemporary dance dissolve the barriers of black and white, beyond which exists endless potential. Shards of colour pierce the subconscious, introducing joy, contrast, light and dark, similarities, and all our differences.

A beautiful fusion of expressive movement, this interpretive work of art asks each to derive their own personal meaning. ONEIRIC is a void that offers no distinction between reality, and the ephemeral. Existence is monochrome. … link to full length article at AU Arts Review

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