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NRJA Rebuilds Riga’s Circus Red Dome With Intertwined Wooden Panels

Design firm NRJA (No Rules Just Architecture) takes over the reconstruction project of Rīgas Cirks, the landmark circus in Riga, Latvia. Originally built in 1888 by architect Johann Friedrich Baumann, the Rīgas Cirks building is the only permanent circus building in the Baltic states and one of the oldest in Europe, considered an architectural monument of national significance. The structure assembles a brick frame with an arena, specifically dedicated to circus numbers with horses, covered by an unheated dome twenty-four meters in diameter. The historic dome formation consists of sixteen columns constructed from railway tracks. With only one restorative attempt during the 135 years of the circus’ running, held in 1953, the poor technical state of the building has led to repeatedly suspended activities. to full length article at Designdoom.


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