Preserving Circus Past and Nurturing its Future: A Casting Conversation with Genís Matabosch 

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Preserving Circus Past and Nurturing its Future: A Casting Conversation with Genís Matabosch 

Genis Matabosch wears many hats in the circus world: impresario, festival director, artistic director, juror, author, historian, and ringmaster.  On the 10th anniversary of theFestival Internacional del Circ Elefant d’Or, I had a chance to chat with him about his life in circus and his passion for circus history. We also discussed festival casting and Genís shared valuable insights and advice.
Genís Matabosch is the president of La Fondation du Cirque, founded ten years ago with a mission to promote high-quality circus in Europe. The organization also created the International Golden Elephant Circus Festival (Festival Internacional del Circ Elefant d’Or), which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year from February 17-22, and prides itself on presenting acts that have never before been seen in Western Europe. The Golden Elephant Festival originally took place in the city of Figueres, relocating in 2018 to the city of Girona. In addition to the festival, t...
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Stacy Clark

Stacy is a seasoned professional in the circus and performing arts industry. A former gymnast and circus artist, Stacy worked in marketing and communications before leaving it all behind to perform and teach circus worldwide on stage, at festivals, and on screen. Today she is a freelance casting director, career coach, and artistic advisor. In 2021, Stacy joined the small and dynamic team at the international online platform CircusTalk as CEO. Previously, Stacy was a talent scout and then the Director of Casting at Cirque du Soleil.