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REVIEW: Cirque Mother Africa

The brainchild of Zimbabwean born German Citizen, Winston Ruddle, also known as Papa Africa, Cirque Mother Africa is unique in that it is the showcase for the graduates of the Dar Es Salaam Institution in Magomeni, a poor neighbourhood of Tanzania’s business capital.

Known as Hakuna Matata (‘no worries’ in Swahili) the circus school attracts young hopefuls from all over Africa. However, only the most accomplished find their way into one of Ruddle’s productions of Cirque Mother Africa which constantly tour the world demonstrating the colour and richness of African culture through highly sophisticated presentations highlighting the extraordinary circus skills of their all-African casts.

Many of the acts are circus staples, but unicyclist, Baraka Ferouz, still managed to amaze with his juggling skills while balancing on a ridiculously high unicycle, or compressing his whole body onto an impossibly tiny two-wheeler. … read full length review at Australian Arts Review

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