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Review: Midnight Circus Lights up the Afternoon in a Chicago Park — With a Few Cirque Ringers in the Cast

“Foster Park,” the ringmaster cried, piercing the quiet of a September afternoon in Auburn Gresham, “are you ready for a circus?”

Oh, so ready! Essential workers, these.

The Midnight Circus has been doing stellar work in and around Chicago for a quarter of a century: the humorous, self-aware style promoted by the founders, Julie Greenberg and Jeff Jenkins, has always been that of the local pick-up circus that first lowered expectations and then cheerfully exceeded them. A family dog, Lola, was one of the early stars.

But while the show that appeared Saturday in Foster Park was very much in the unpretentious Midnight Circus gestalt, something was different and I speak not of the socially distanced set-up…

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