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Risk Agitator for Circus Experimentation

Each individual goes into circus performance for a variety of reasons.  Some are born into it, some are attracted to the physicality, still many view it as an alternative sub-culture in which they seek community, while others just love skin-tight bodysuits and sequins. None of us go into it for the money. Perhaps even fewer of us enter into circus training with the idea that it is a great vehicle for making experimental performance art.  But I did.
Foot Juggling Banka Sokak photo courtesy of Julie Upmeyer. I began training in circus in the early 1990’s after being involved in underground/experimental art and music scenes since I was a teenager. At the time, my interest  was solely artistic and not really financial. Eventually, I became proficient enough to start presenting my skills, but by then I had strayed far from my original intent. Having been convinced of the idea that to be considered a real circus artist, I must pursue paid circus work, I u...
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Anne Weshinskey

Anne Weshinskey has recently moved back to the United States from years of living abroad in Turkey, Sweden, Bulgaria, and China. While working as a foot juggler, performance artist, visual artist, and arts administrator/instigator, she was lucky enough to collaborate daily with an international array of amazingly talented and fun artists in a variety of contexts. The best part of being co-founder and co-director of the artist-run art space, Caravansarai (Istanbul, Turkey), was the constant creative stimulation and freedom to take artistic risks. As an artist, Anne been a participant in numerous artist-in-residency programs, and hopes that while now living in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia she can perpetuate and innovate these contexts for U.S. artists and audiences. Primarily trained in tightwire with Ayin de Sela, acrobatics with Lu Yi and Xia Ke Min (Circus Center SF) and antipodism with the Hebei and Fujian Acrobatic troupes of China. Anne continues her connection to China with the Chinese European Art Center in Xiamen, Fujian Province. Somewhere in there, she managed to get a masters degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Texas and now works as a librarian with the Loudoun County Public Library in Virginia while simultaneously directing Risk Agitator for Circus Experimentation and making work with the exurban artist collective, Landscape X. She is tired just writing this. www.loverofprojects.com