Send In the Clowns-A Tale of Two Non-Profits--Social Circus At Its Best

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Send In the Clowns-A Tale of Two Non-Profits

Clowns like Pennywise and The Joker currently dominate the zeitgeist with violent representations. But two humane clown posses headquartered in the United States prove that clowning for the social good carries the day in the real world, helping facilitate human connection, emotional release and personal empowerment for vulnerable populations.
Leah Abel and Naomi Shafer perform with Clowns Without Borders in Myanmar. Photo Credit: Farrah Kassem  Clowns Without Borders They called it the “Unicycle Visa.” ...
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Karin McKie

Karin McKie is a writer, SAG-AFTRA actor, educator, publicist and activist. She teaches students and professionals about storytelling, public relations, theater and stage combat, critical reading and comparative literature. Raised in the DC area and currently in Chicago, Karin has studied in London and the Bay Area, spent the millennium in Buenos Aires, performed in Amsterdam, Scotland, and around the Americas, and was a China/Taiwan scholar. She has a BS in Theater and Communications, an MFA in Creative Writing, and is a yogini, cyclist, weight lifter, and sometimes barefoot tennis player.