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From July 3rd  to 13th 2018, over twenty  thinker-doers  from a dozen countries, all practitioners and scholars of contemporary circus and/or other performing arts, converged onto Montréal during the Montréal Complètement cirque festival to participate in Concordia University’s intensive summer graduate seminar taught by Prof. Louis Patrick Leroux and titled “Experiential learning in Contemporary Circus Practice: Methods in research-creation, action-research and participant observation.” For two weeks, they attended lectures and seminars in the mornings, then in the afternoon, had studio time to work on their presentations or to attend participant-observation sessions as part of a larger research project, and of course, they attended performances in the evening.
In addition to their brief research-creation presentations, the students each produced two to three blogs during this period. We are offering a selection of those blogs. Some are candid, heartfelt, others analytical, some are critical takes, others are musings on students’research. They give a snapshot of what was on people’s minds during the summer intensive.Prof. Leroux and his teaching assistant, Alisan Funk, have also contributed original material to complement the students’ blogs. Check back every Friday until the New Year for an updated article from one of the participants! When I first heard about the shows that we would attend during this summer’s seminar, I got really excited. My first thought was: “Oh, I will watch incredible artistic works and be part of an international circus festival outside of Brazil!” So, you can imagine my excitement. I have been intensely practicing physical activities since I was a little kid,...
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Leonora Tanasovici Cardani

Leonora Tanasovici Cardani is a Master’s student studying: “Teaching process of Circus in formal schools.” She is supervised by Prof. Dr. Marco Bortoleto at the School of Physical Education at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP-Brazil). She is an artist in the Aerotroop Circus Company (aerial skills) and at the UNICAMP Gymnastics Group (GGU). Also, she is a teacher and researcher of aerial skills and circus for kids.