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The Brisbane Circus Taking Asia by Storm

In the seat next to mine at the theatre in Singapore’s Marine Bay Sands, a father pulls his young daughter close and whispers, “Don’t worry, this is what happens when the show is about to start.”

Normally, it takes a lot to quieten a theatre chock-full of excited children but when just being in a crowd is a novel experience, it’s a shock when the lights go down.

At a Saturday matinée, a few weeks ago, the pint-sized novice theatre goers quickly regained their mojo as the performers – there were only eight, but it often seemed like many more – unleashed acrobatics, humour and moments of joy and beauty. The fast-paced production of The Carnival of the Animals from the Brisbane-based Circa marked the return to business as usual for the theatre. In contrast, Circa, like the 25 fast-moving artists who make up the company, had barely paused for the pandemic…

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