The Guide to A Modern Circus Artist's Digital Tool Box

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The Guide to A Modern Circus Artist’s (Not Always So) Digital Tool Box  

There is no right and wrong in art. So much depends on the context, timing, mood and message. Compare that to business where concepts are defined and the result depends on precision and clarity. But there is much overlap between art and business. This has never been more true then as it is right now.
There’s a new form of busking happening on the corners of the internet This article was originally written before the pandemic had hit and when the apps reviewed here were just a means to better marketing organizational tools. Now many of these apps, especially the ones that provide a sense of social activity, have taken on a cultural and psychological importance of their own. Online meeting rooms have become a performance platform for your stage. The tools have gone from being mechanical cogs to bloodlines of connectivity. If you’re a performing artist, you need an audience to be paid, and many of these platforms can be used as a way to perform, to fundraise and to be tipped. There’s a new form of busking happening on the corners of the internet, and though everything has now shifted to online, you must still complete dozens of daily administrative tasks that have nothing to do with your art. The distractions may now be even harder to ...
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Belinda Copeland

Belinda Copeland is a maker of sorts ,an actor and activist who currently lives in Chicago. She dances as BellaDonna, performing tribal world fusion bellydance. She’s a drummer in Chicago’s all woman identifying and non binary Glam marching band Clamor & Lace Noise Brigade. She has graced many of Chicago’s stages in musicals, theater and improv. She holds a BA in Women’s and Gender Studies with minors in Theater & Psychology from Northeastern Illinois University. She has also studied abroad at the University of Erfurt, Carl Duisberg Centrum Berlin, and the Brecht Weigel Memorial Centre Berlin Germany and performed in theater, television and film while living there. She holds a certification of studies in Improv & Musical Theater Improv from ComedySportz Training Center Core Curriculum. In her free time she likes to hang with her smalls, write prose, short stories, and plays , read and play games.