The Individual Experience of Sound - Interview with Madeline Hoak

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The Individual Experience of Sound – Interview with Madeline Hoak

Circosonic is a project by Cirkus Syd,  a networking platform for international research, development and innovation based in Lund, Sweden. In the past few months, Circosonic  – under the Circus Thinkers Platform – has  been exploring circus as sound dimension. Circosonic is an exploration of circus and sound, but that exploration can be hard to share.  So the platform decided to share some of their explorations and findings and provide an insight into the project through an interview with our own Madeline Hoak, Associate Editor/Senior Content Producer at CircusTalk,  and Circosonic participant.
Alise Bokaldere: In your own words, what is Circosonic? Madeline Hoak: Circosonic is a pure, untethered exploration of the question: what is contemporary circus and sound, or what is contemporary circus as sound? I feel those words are interchangeable. What is sound as contemporary circus? What is sound in, with, for – any word you want to insert there – contemporary circus? The question came about because the sounds of traditional circus feel clearer to us as a community. They feel more common despite our international group of people. Yet contemporary circus was harder to pin down. So it was more of a curiosity. The project approaches the question with complete openness. Anything is game, nothing is wrong, everything is right! Any idea or thought or sub-question that comes with it, we follow until it digresses or disperses, or turns into something else. The project really is pure research. It dr...
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Alise Madara Bokaldere

Alise Madara Bokaldere is a Latvian choreographer and performer, with a BA in the art of contemporary dance, and works as the Communications Assistant for Cirkus Syd and the Baltic Nordic Circus Network.