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Upswing Launches ‘Seasons’ Learner Resources

In a dynamic collaboration with schools and families, UK’s award-winning  contemporary circus company Upswing, under the direction of Victoria Dela Amedume, embarked on an inspiring journey throughout 2020. Nestled within Brent Libraries, they engaged in a thought-provoking exploration of local environments and ecosystems.

During the residencies, schools, families, and children collaborated with professional artists to contribute ideas and inspiration to the development of Seasons. This innovative project gave rise to a new live performance for libraries and an engaging online experience that delved deeper into the themes of the show.

In 2023, Upswing returned to libraries with a mission to extend the project’s legacy. Armed with invaluable insights from previous engagements, they continued their work with schools and families, culminating in the creation of the Seasons Learner Resources—a comprehensive collection now available for school teachers and educators alike.

The Seasons Learner Resources seamlessly blend creativity, movement, and nature, inviting primary school students aged 8-11 to explore and connect with the natural world. These cross-curricular activities, developed over a three-year period, are designed to promote wellbeing while covering key curriculum basics.

Through descriptive writing, acrobatic shapes, object manipulation, and hands-on texture hunts, students embark on a journey of discovery, engaging in nature writing, biome exploration, weather observation, and living things classification. These activities not only foster literacy and coordination but also instill a profound appreciation for the magic of seasons and habitats.

Founded with the support of the John Lyons Charity, the Seasons Learner Resources project represents a testament to Upswing’s commitment to education and creative enrichment.

For educators seeking valuable teaching tools, the Seasons Learner Resources are readily accessible online. Visit to explore and engage with these enriching resources today.

Photos by Christopher Andreou

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