Why Performers Should Be on Your Hiring Radar, Off-Stage

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Why Performers Should Be on Your Hiring Radar for Off-Stage Career Opportunities

In the wake of job losses and setbacks for the circus sector due to the coronavirus pandemic, Projet Lumière has emerged to shine some light on the lives of circus artists by sharing resources, facilitating important connections and providing a morale boost. Their mission statement is “to CONNECT performing arts professionals to reduce feelings of isolation. FACILITATE exchanges by sharing information among peers and industry professionals. SUPPORT and GUIDE members of the community by providing access to resources and opportunities.” Here is an article written by Stacy Clark, a circus artist and director of casting, which touches on what she considers to be the true strength of the art form, it’s artists:
In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, that is, April of 2020, En Piste (1), Canada’s circus arts alliance, surveyed performers, cultural workers and circus companies in Canada. A staggering 66% reported that they are considering a career change. And while performing arts professionals are not alone in their COVID-19-imposed challenges, we are certainly distinct in that the industry as a whole will not only take time to rebound and recover, it will also have to redefine itself. This is a level of uncertainty that far exceeds the typical arts industry employment instability. We’ve lost our jobs, our contracts, our livelihood. We’re grieving the loss of our passion. Our industry colleagues are suffering, and for many, their very identity is in question. But if there’s one thing performers have in spades, it’s agility. Contortion jokes aside, performers are skilled at changing course at a moment’s...
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Stacy Clark

A former gymnast and professional circus performer, Stacy worked in marketing and communications before leaving it all behind to perform and teach circus around the world on stage, at festivals and on screen. Stacy is co-founder of Creative Athletic Performance, a consulting service specializing in casting, coaching and creation. She also teaches career development and act development to the next generation of circus artists training at San Diego Circus Center. Until 2020, Stacy was the Director of Casting at Cirque du Soleil, leading a team of international talent scouts and advisors. Stacy's journey at Cirque du Soleil began in 2007 when she joined the Casting department as a Talent Scout, recruiting athletes and circus artists for the company’s shows worldwide. In 2011 she became Acrobatic Coach on Amaluna, touring North America. Stacy holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts from Ryerson University and a Leadership diploma from Concordia University. She is a certified yoga teacher, nutrition coach, NASM performance enhancement specialist and CrossFit level 1 and CrossFit Kids trainer. “I believe in safe, open learning environments, and cultivating a sense of agency in students, athletes and artists. Excellence in human performance begins with being an excellent human.”