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Feature: Palestinian Youths Establish First Circus School for Children in Gaza

GAZA, Sept. 30 (Xinhua) — Inside a large and colorful tent located in the town of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip, dozens of children are taking part in the training set up by a local circus.

This is a place where they conduct gymnastics and acrobatics, and clowns teach them unique skills.

The Gaza Stars School was established in an area of one dunam (1,000 square metres) and the organizers took years to turn their dream into reality.

Majed Musallam, one of the school owners, told Xinhua that his dream began in 2015, when he started practicing circus arts alone.

Back then, he didn’t have any experience, so he stuck to the trial-and-error approach, imitating what he had watched on TV.

Nonetheless, Musallam said, he always dreamed big and wanted to spread the culture of circus arts in the community that had been suffering from years of instability.

In 2016, the young man established his own team made up of his friends, who had the same passion and together they started pursuing their common dream.

“In the past, we used to watch these only on TV, as there were no masters of circus arts that spread joy and happiness among the children of Gaza,” he explained.

“We wanted to make a change and started to teach ourselves,” he added.

This was not easy for Musallam and his fellows, and the team had many unsuccessful attempts to implement some tricks, especially acrobatics.

“Sometimes, one of us would fall and break a leg or an arm. But, at other times, things would go smoothly and we mastered tricks quite easily,” the young man recalled.

Those challenges, however, didn’t bother Musallam or his team because he believed in his dream and was determined to achieve it…

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