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Five of the Best Circus and Clown Shows at the Edinburgh Fringe

Performance art inspired by ancient myth, spectacular acrobatics, sinister satire, and more…

Hello, and welcome to The Crush Bar, a weekly newsletter about theatre written by me, Fergus Morgan.

This issue is one of twelve specials I will be sending out during July and August, all focused on shows performing at the Edinburgh Fringe. Each issue will highlight five shows worth watching – three picked by me, plus a couple of promotional ones, too.

Some issues will be themed, some won’t be. Some shows I will have seen and loved myself, some I will just have heard good things about. All of them, though, will be made by exciting, mostly emerging/early-career artists.

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Inspired by classic mythology and ancient ritual, Scotland-based artist Zinnia Oberski’s Dreams Of The Small Gods is a 50-minute-long solo performance incorporating aerial circus, masked ritual and performance art to explore ideas of holiness and profanity. Oberski plays the central character – the Wild Woman – while dramaturgy comes from Herald Angel Award-winner Ellie Dubois.

It was acclaimed during its original run at Manipulate Festival – Edinburgh’s international festival of puppetry and physical theatre – in early 2020, and now returns with the support of both the Made In Scotland showcase and Summerhall’s Autopsy Award for Scottish artists.

Dreams of the Small Gods is inspired by mythology, folklore and faerie-tales,” says Oberski. “It is about the ancient power of the Earth and the natural world, and how this power is channelled through humans, in particular women. Instead of striving always for new I decided to create something very, very old, about a magic that we’ve forgotten but that is still tangible to us through the medium of the body.” … link to the full length article at Crush Bar.

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