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Forget Working for Free – Should You Be Working at All?

We’ve all seen the “why I don’t you shouldn’t work for free” posts and memes, but friends, I think we may have put the cart before the horse. The first question you should ask when starting to think about charging for your work might need to be more along the lines of “do I deserve to be paid for this product”.

Professional = Worth Paying For

You may not know this about me, but I am a stunningly mediocre cook. I enjoy cooking, I have spend God-knows-how-much money on cookbooks and gizmos, and I occasionally hit on something reasonably edible. I’m very, very OK in the kitchen. I’m not gonna burn it down or poison anyone, but I’m also not going to try to hire myself out as a personal chef. Know why? Because I do not meet any meaningful standard of “professional chef” in the kitchen. I do not have the required skill set. I am not working at a standard that deserves professional compensation.

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