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Former Cirque Performers Lead New Las Vegas Production

A few artists from from the closed Cirque du Soleil stage show “Zumanity” have grown tired of waiting for the next option. So they created one.

“Apéro” billed as the city’s new swank, European-fashioned cabaret, opens 7 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday in an open-ended residency at Wassa Coulibaly’s Baobab Stage at Town Square. Tickets are $50 (not including fees), sold in groups of two, three and four (go to for details).

This show in close quarters features elements famous in Cirque shows and “Le Reve,” including aerial numbers, contortion, juggling and acrobatics. The sidelined performers have been working out without a specific goal until members of the newly formed Visionary Pack Collective drafted a blueprint for the show opening this weekend.

Nicole Dunn, Jorge Salomone and Angelique Janowski, all late of “Zumanity,” formed the VPC to restart live performances.

“The idea came from all the loose talk that was going around with the artists all the time,” Dunn, costume lead at “Zumanity,” said Thursday. “Then we really got serious after ‘Zumanity’ closed in November.”

“Apero’s” cast is a cavalcade of veteran Vegas stage performers: Circus variety performer Damir Mouzdybaev of “Le Reve,” and prior, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus; Janowski, a dancer/choreographer; pole artist Natsumi Miyazaki of “Le Reve”; straps artist Roman Tomanov of “Ka”; contortionist Tsatsral Erdenebileg (“Tsatsa”) of “Zumanity”; and juggling master Vladislav Miagkostoupov (“Vladik”) of “V — The Ultimate Variety Show” and “Zombie Burlesque” at V Theater at Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood.

The artists have been trained to perform in large-scale productions, and have learned to adapt for the Baobab. Example: In “Apéro,” Tomanov’s aerial strap act, typically high above the audience, is performed just a few feet over the stage…

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