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7 Values We Can Learn from the Circus

There’s always been a fog of mystery settled around my perception of the circus. I’ve seen the performers come on stage, flip, sparkle and wow, then disappear behind the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) smoke and mirrors, leaving me wondering where they go, what they do, how they feel, what they believe, where they live. Who are they?

Ringling Brothers recently allowed me to walk through the smoke and explore the space behind the mirrors- the people behind the show- they are extraordinary. I interviewed many of the acclaimed performers, producers and directors, soaking in stories of their life in the circus and receiving an intimate view of the extreme level of their skills. I was so close to one contortionist I could see the rise of her chest as she breathed in and exhaled her toes down to rest beside the top of her head.

I left their home (a 580,000 complex in Tampa, Florida) with a clear vision of the genius, dedication and creativity infused in everything down to the tiniest sequin on the stage. But most importantly, I left inspired to incorporate more of the following circus values into my life.

Link to Full Article and the 7 values on The Huffington Post

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