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A Circus Caught by the Coronavirus in Barcelona

The Raluy Historical Circus, founded in Catalonia in the 70s, ended in Castelldefels (Barcelona) on March 9 with the intention of presenting its new show three days later. Its title, Vekante, means waking up in Esperanto. The 30 workers were given time to set up the tent, but the premiere, scheduled for two days before the application of the state of alarm due to the impact of the coronavirus, was suspended. Two weeks later, the circus is trapped sine die in Castelldefels by the Covid-19 crisis.

The circumstances are exceptional in a camp where large vintage wagons stand out, comfortable for the accommodation of private traveling artists, isolated on an esplanade in front of two secondary schools. Today, the 15th day of confinement for the members of the company, one of its managers, William Giribaldi , has attended this newspaper while he was making his purchase from a Carrefour located one hundred meters from the tent. “We are passing seclusion like the rest of the people. With the advantage that there is a little more outdoors in the circus, but everyone is in his caravan watching television and using social networks, “explains the Italian juggler based in Catalonia, married to Rosa Raluy, daughter of the founder of the company, Luis Raluy, with whom he has two daughters: acrobats Jillian and Kimberley.

Giribaldi’s voice sounds tipsy and hopeful on the other end of the phone. The procession goes inside. The problem, as always, is the economy. Many people depend on him and Rosa. «For us, the biggest drama is the economic part. Everything suddenly stopped, but many people depend on us and no income comes in, “says the man. “Leisure is the first thing people take off in a crisis. It is normal but it scares us that, when the coronavirus peak passes, fear remains between them. We are concerned that the brake continues for many months in our sector. Some circus companies will not get out of trouble. It is ugly but it is so »…

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