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Chisama Ku Penn
Performer, Coach, CSAW Administrator -United States
Chisama Ku is the CSAW Administrator from Atlanta, GA. She has taught and performed on the pole and teaches pole and flexibility classes. During the pandemic she began training on aerial rope. Chisama Ku has extensive experience as an Arts Administrator working with non-profit music and dance organizations, from the Atlanta Dance & Music Academy to the Baryshnikov Arts Center in Hell’s Kitchen. Her passion lies in making all aspects of the performing arts more accessible for students of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, and believes that money should never be a barrier. She hopes to help broaden the conversation on who is allowed to be considered a circus artist. Chisama Ku joined the CSAW Team in July 2021 to help manage the second CSAW Fundraiser and is now an administrator with the organization.