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Sarah Repond
Most people dance on their feet on the ground, but Sarah decided to change the perspective of the world, and in turn decided that dancing with her feet in the air looked like much more fun. She moves with the rhythm of the music and lets her body tell a story without saying a word.
Originating from Switzerland and with a background in gymnastics, Sarah found a passion for circus at a young age. This led her to train at Die Etage, in Berlin where she specialised in hand balancing and the unique discipline of Washington Trapeze.
Sarah has always loved to create. She paints, draws and dances, performing for anyone one who is willing to be entertained. With a passion for music and movement, she expresses herself in an honest and carefree manner.
Sarah was born in the mountains, close to nature. Over the years, she has woven a deep bond with these origins which is visible throughout her performances. She transcribes this love for nature in her creations through simple, pure, elegant wild movements.