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Beyond Smiles and Splits: Giving 100%?

Circus artists repeat the same tricks over and over again to reach a level of excellence and performance quality that is stage-worthy. They are taught early on to give their best each and every time they go on stage. The show must go on is their golden rule. Considering that each is invested in other activities and has other duties to fulfill, is it possible to really “give it all?” What are the healthy habits that contribute to an artist feeling as strong and proud walking on stage as they do on a sidewalk? These are some of the questions at the heart of this first episode of Beyond Smiles and Splits.
The light is shining brightly, nearly blinding those watching a masterful demonstration of dexterity and precision. Beads of sweat run down a woman’s temples as she squints to focus, to stay centered, and to block the nervousness that would make her hand tremble at the worst time. She has learned to perform under pressure and to give her best regardless of how many are watching or how much being physically and emotionally involved pays. Meanwhile, in a different time zone, people clap and cheer for a young man who releases all the tension from his hands, having flawlessly executed one last maneuver. Each gave their very best, which is what’s expected of the surgeon performing an organ transplant and the pilot landing a plane. Is giving their best and 100% the same? ...
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Martin Frenette

Impassioned by performing arts, Martin Frenette started intensive dance training at a very young age before trading pliés and barres for ropes and somersaults at Montreal National Circus School. He has spent a decade performing in several shows in Europe, such as Circus Monti, Chamäleon Theater, Wintergarten Varieté, Cirque Bouffon, GOP Show Concepts or the Max Entertainment Palace, to name a few. Writing has always been one of Martin's passions and he's thrilled to join Circus Talk's team to share his views on shows, the stage and what's going on behind the scenes with other performing arts enthusiasts!