Catch Me if You Can: Circus Photography with Taiwan's Formosa Circus Art

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Catch Me if You Can: Circus Photography with Taiwan’s Formosa Circus Art

For years, Taiwanese photographer Ken Wang and performer/freelancer Chao Wei Chen have worked with Formosa Circus Art and striven to convey the power of a moving art form in still images. In the last edition of the DuMaXi quarterly, the two men weighed in on their goals, techniques, and philosophies to take the perfect circus photo.
Being in the moment plays an important role in the performing arts field. The live atmosphere is difficult to replace with videos and images. Photography can capture the inspirational side of circus and, sometimes, it even becomes a new mode of creation. Through the construction of the image and the capturing of the moment, a photograph shows the magic of circus in a way that is different from the scene itself. In this interview, we invited documentary photographer Ken Wang (hereinafter referred to as Ken) and circus artist Chao Wei Chen (hereinafter referred to as Chao) to speak about the artistry of capturing circus on camera. Ken has been shooting and documenting Formosa Circus Art (hereinafter referred to as FOCA) for a long time; he is familiar with the character and movement of these circus artists, and always captures the subtle, magical moments at the right time. Chao has been a member of FOCA for many years. He is a Cyr wheel artist and a keen photographer himself, ...
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Formosa Circus Art (FOCA)

Founded in 2011, FOCA is a Taiwan-based contemporary circus company that strives to elevate circus as an art form within Taiwan and the world over. Often likened to a Taiwanese Cirque du Soleil, their work melds physical artistry with Taiwanese street culture and diverse performing arts, often through collaboration with international artists. The company's ensemble now staffs 10 full-time performers from various disciplines. In 2020, FOCA launched the circus quarterly publication Du Ma Xi. They are also been a global presence at major circus festivals and a frequent collaborator with the Weiweying Circus Platform.