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Circus Amidst COVID: An International Factual Update

The facts on where to source support and information, plus discussion of key issues and international comparisons.
Each panelist gives a factual report of what is available in their country or region, followed by a discussion of key issues. Nathalie Delorme, Communications and Community Engagement Officer, En Piste – National Circus Arts Alliance, Canada Vicky Amedume, Artistic Director, Upswing Arts UK Stephane Segreto-Aguilar, Co-ordinator of Circostrada (European Circus and Street Arts Network) Jamie Hodgson, Executive Director, New England Center for Circus Arts, just north of New York City Penny Miles, Executive Director, Circus Oz, Australia Antonella Casella to chair. Link to Video at The Circus Arts Hub. Photo credit: "Humans" by Circa. Photographer Pedro Greig. ...
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The Circus Arts Hub

The Circus Arts Hub is in the process of becoming a formal organization under Victorian Law in Australia. Their mission is to contribute to the development of the circus arts through connecting diverse circus artists and other circus arts professionals across the globe.