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Circus and Gender–Second Meeting of Cirqueras in Spain

The circus women of Spain have met again for the second time, from the 10th to the 13th of December 2018, in Granada, Spain, thanks to the coordination work of a volunteer team of Cirqueras, the hospitality of CAU Festival and the support of the Circored Federation(the federation of associations of circus professionals.)
Background As Gloria Díaz explained in a previous article, the idea of a meeting of circus women at the state level had arisen from a shared desire among several circus professionals, which led to the creation of a Facebook group, Cirqueras, in 2017, and successively, promoted the first meeting of Cirqueras, in June 2018 in Seville. In this first meeting, the foundations for further discussion were laid out and it was agreed that there is a need to create other meeting spaces. Previously, in Spain, activities related to gender were already taking place. It is worth highlighting the course on Circus and Gender within the Master of Gender and Communication of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (since 2015); or the Face to Face program on gender...
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Elena Zanzu

Elena Zanzu es una artista, investigadora y activista. Sus intereses de investigación prácticos y teóricos giran en torno al género, la discapacidad y otros ejes de vulnerabilidad. Master en Filosofía, está especialmente interesada en las intersecciones entre práctica artística y filosofía. Elena Zanzu is an artist, researcher and activist. Her practical and theoretical research interests revolve around gender, disability and other axes of vulnerability.  She has a master's degree in philosophy, and she is especially interested in the intersections between artistic practice and philosophy.