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Circus Harmony ‘Quarantraining’ During Pandemic

Why circus during a pandemic? Jessica Hentoff, the artistic/executive director of Circus Harmony explains, “Circus has always been about joy, triumph, and laughter demonstrated through strength, flexibility, and balance! Circus Harmony is about supporting each other and realizing we are all connected. We’ve always taught our students to be creative and resilient. All the life lessons we teach in our school- especially persistence, responsibility, and teamwork- are exactly what is important now, in the middle of a pandemic!”

Circus Harmony has the reserves to be able to pay their teaching artists through May. Like so many non-profits, they are seeking donations but recognize that food and health concerns are much bigger needs, especially right now. Circus Harmony has switched its classes to an online format to keep their students connected and in shape. They are calling these Quarantraining classes and range from preschool to juggling to hard core conditioning. Students and circus friends from all over the world – from Australia to Germany to Canada and from 3-year olds in St. Louis to 68-year olds in New York City – are joining in to both participate and offer classes.

Currently, the classes are posted every day on the Circus Harmony Facebook page at You need to message them to confirm your identity to get the passwords. As they add classes, coaches, and participants, they plan to move their Quarantraining information to their website at Until they can see people in person, they continue to use circus to help people to be strong, flexible, creative and well-balanced during the pandemic and beyond…

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