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Circus Oz’s New Festival ‘Sidesault’ is a Multi-Dimensional Masterpiece

Celebrating 40 years of Circus Oz in 2018, Australia’s leading troupe of theatre, satire and rock’n’roll keep the thrills coming with Sidesaultat The Melba, showcasing the talents of six local, national and international circus companies as they present experimental cross-platform works, challenging the barriers of contemporary circus.

If you thought Circus Oz pushed the boundaries, Sidesault amplifies that. “It’s about the artist’s voices,” says co-curator, Brian Robertson. “Through an expression of interest process, different artists come to us with different ideas – it just opens it up a lot more.

“Circus Oz as a brand has its identity which does push the boundaries, but I think with Sidesaultwe’re giving people an opportunity to do that through their own voices, especially young and new artists who are trying interest.”

Because the inaugural event last year was a huge success, there’s certain to be another eclectic mix of artistic voices to be seen and heard at this year’s edition of Sidesault, ready to dazzle and delight.

“The shows we’ve chosen are all done in different ways,” explains Robertson. “We’ve got one show, Laser Kiwi, that use, in simple terms, a sketch-comedy format in there show, and involve amazing circus in that…

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