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Circus Smirkus Announces Line-up

You may remember that we had a “Day in the Circus Life” from Circus Smirkus on January 13th to kick of our takeover campaign. You can go back on Instagram to take a look behind the scenes with the photos and videos of the audition for their Big Top Tour.
Eva Lou, a second year Circus Smirkus trouper and a third year auditionee has taken the time to write a lovely piece entitled Inside Circus Smirkus Life Auditions about her experience at the audition this year on Circus is My Live, AYCO‘s blog for their Hup Squad Youth Action Team. She describes the process of the audition in such a way that might be helpful for future auditionees who are interested in gaining insight into the inside workings of the audition. Lastly, Circus Smirkus announced their line up for 2018 in an entertaining video that not only gives you the names of the up-coming talented performers but also shows a sneak peak of some of their skills and gags. ...
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