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Circus World’s Plans or a Future Circus World Are Underway []

Circus World had their last day of the season last week. The Big Top tent has been packed and put away. The elephants have made their way to Oklahoma for the winter. The clowns have removed their makeup and the calliope is now quiet until the 2023 season opens on March 20.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Circus World is dormant. Far from it. The organization, founded in 1959 and part of the Wisconsin Historical Society, is looking far into its future. The organization recently unveiled their multi-year vision of Circus World, re-imagining the grounds and guest experience, in their continued efforts to celebrate and showcase the American circus art form past and present.

“We are excited to share a vision for the future of Circus World,” said Scott O’Donnell, Circus World’s site director, in a recent statement, “that includes the restoration of the historic Ringlingville buildings and invites guests to immerse themselves in the origins of America’s circus history.” … link to full-length article at

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