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Contemporary Circus Thrives at the Upcoming Mirabilia Festival

From August 31st to September 4th, the 16th edition of the Mirabilia Festival brings the best of cutting-edge European contemporary circus, in Cuneo, Italy.
Emerging stronger than ever from the pandemic, the Mirabilia International Circus & Performing Arts Festival returns with a special 16th edition called “Strange Beasts from Outer Space” as conceived and organized by the IdeAgorĂ  Association under the artistic direction of Fabrizio Gavosto. This year’s festival offers a strong program, further highlighted with numerous professional events. The festival hosts the International Network of Circus Arts Magazines (INCAm)’s first in-person annual meeting after the pandemic. As well, the TAKE OFF 2.0 project, originally designed to support innovative Italian companies that make competitive international market productions based on original dramaturgical writings, has a presence at the festival, providing workshops and training sessions. In collaboration with ...
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