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Edinburgh Fringe Spotlight—This Time, Connecting with Ockham’s Razor

On an aerial device that is a giant rectangle, four people slowly explore their boundaries in the air. They depend on each other to stay aloft and to get around, so this exploration is slow, deliberate, careful and full of care for the others. Their tenderness and respect for one another is always evident, even when the closeness gets uncomfortable and the urge to break away is strong and they fidget and twist.
2016 winners of Total Theatre and Jacksons Lane Award for Circus, Ockham’s Razor’s newest show This Time is playing at St Stephen’s Churc...
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Kim Campbell

Kim Campbell has written about circus for CircusTalk.News, Spectacle magazine, Circus Now, Circus Promoters and was a resident for Circus Stories, Le Cirque Vu Par with En Piste in 2015 at the Montreal Completement Cirque Festival. They are the former editor of CircusTalk.News, American Circus Educators magazine, as well as a staff writer for the web publication Third Coast Review, where they write about circus, theatre, arts and culture. Kim is a member of the American Theater Critics Association.